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  • Supalai Grand Tower is an office building with unique architecture located strategically on Rama III Road. It is designed in an oval shape to provide panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River, Bang Krachao, Rama IX Bridge, and both Bhumibol 1 and 2 Bridges. The building is also thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on energy conservation through the use of double-layered insulated glass.
Project details
  • One oval-shaped 33-floor office building
  • one 11-floor Parking Building in Zone A, and one 10- floor Parking Building in Zone B (a total parking space for 1,200 cars).

Supalai Grand Tower

Building structure

The building structure is made with reinforced concrete, and the floor structure is built using post-tension flat slab system with floor-to-floor height of 3.50 meters.

Grand Tower

Project structural details

Flooring :
  • Common areas (corridors and elevator halls)
  • 1FL – Ground Floor: slate-patterned tile flooring
  • 2FL – Lobby Floor: granite flooring
  • General floors: granite flooring
  • Bathrooms: granite flooring
  • General floors’ offices (3 – 31FL): cement flooring
Wall :
  • Exterior: energy-saving insulated double glazing
  • Interior (corridors and general walls): reinforced concrete and painted masonry walls
  • Bathrooms: granite-clad walls
  • External elevator halls and hallways: granite-clad walls
Ceiling :
Floor-to-ceiling height is 2.70 m. Dropping ceilings are clad with T Bar 60 X 120 gypsum boards and installed with electric lighting.
Telecommunication system :
The building supports over 1,000 direct telephone numbers
Energy conservation :
The building’s oval shape allows in natural light from the outside to reduce electricity consumption, while the Curtain Wall System and Insulated Double Glazing help stabilize the inside temperature to reduce the burden on air conditioners.
Elevators :
  • Every elevator is from Otis Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: 10 passenger elevators, 1 service elevator, and 2 car park building elevators.
  • 5 high-zone elevators (Maximum capacity: 20 persons each. Operating speed: 210 meters per minute.)
  • 5 low-zone elevators (Maximum capacity: 20 persons each. Operating speed: 150 meters per minute.)
  • 1 Service & Fireman elevator (Maximum capacity: 20 persons each. Operating speed: 150 meters per minute)
  • 2 parking building elevators (Maximum capacity: 11 persons each. Operating speed: 105 meters per minute)
Electrical system :
Ring Main Unit (RMU) on the ground floor and the 11th floor of parking building consist of these following main pieces of equipment :
  • 4 sets of 2000 KVA transformers
  • Back-up generators for electrical emergency (for common areas only)
Air conditioning system :
The building is operated with a central chilled-water cooling system using 3 sets of 500-ton water chillers and 2 sets of 250-ton water chillers.
Sanitation system :
  • Plumbing system includes underground water tanks and rooftop water tanks that reserve water for indoor use and fire-fighting.
  • Wastewater treatment system is located underground of parking building and uses a septic tank system and aerator pumps to decompose organic substances.
Fire protection system :
  • Fire hose cabinets and fire sprinklers are installed throughout the buildings as required by law.
  • Dry chemical fire extinguishing system
  • Stair Pressurization Fans (SPF) are installed at fire exits and service elevator areas to prevent smoke.
  • 2 fire stairwells
  • Fire Alarm System:
  • Heat detectors are installed throughout the buildings as required by law.
Security system :
CCTV and 24-hour security guards
Emergency power system :
  • Backup power for the use of the service elevator, hallways, corridors, and some parts of common areas is covered by a backup generator.
  • Emergency lighting is available in common areas.


Ideal location

Enjoy convenient transportation with the project’s ideal location on Rama III Road
in close proximity to Chaloem Maha Nakhon and Si Rat Expressways.


Cooler and airier working space

The building’s unique oval shape has no corners that can act as heat trap. In addition to protection from outside heat with insulated double glazing, the interior with 2.7 m-high ceilings also allows better ventilation for you to enjoy cooler, airier, and more comfortable working space.


Better energy saving

With its well-designed oval shape, the building has less surface area which reduces heat conduction from outside.
The thoughtful orientation that faces north and south also helps minimize exposure to heat from sunlight.


Parking spaces support over 1,200 cars.

ไอคอน แผนผังอาคารโลวโซน


Food Pavilion Food Pavilion


Supalai Grand Tower’s food courts are located on G and 11th floor of the parking building.


Community Mall
Meeting Rooms Service


Meeting rooms for rent are available for conferences, seminars, and banquets on the 33rd floor. Enjoy a variety of sizes that can serve from 10 up to 200 people and with rooms overlooking scenic view of the Chao Phraya River.

200-seat Convention Room
180-seat Auditorium Room
30-seat Meeting Room
icon location
  • From Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection, drive straight past Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and cross Khlong Toei Bridge onto Rama III Road. Cross 2 bridges over 2 intersections, then at the T-junction entrance to the Industrial Ring Road Bridge, go straight to take the U- turn, the building will be on your left. From Chantarubeksa Road, at the T-junction turn left and go straight for 1 km, the project will be on your left side.
  • From Tha Phra Intersection, cross Krungthep Bridge to Rama III Road. Drive straight across intersection-crossing bridges until you see Bank of Ayudhya Head Office on your right side, then do not take a crossing bridge. Keep left, the building will be on your left side.
  • From Silom - Sathon Road, enter Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Road and head to Rama III Road, then turn right. At the T-junction entrance to the Industrial Ring Road Bridge, go straight to take the U- turn, the building will be on your left.
  • From Suksawat (Samut Prakan) Road, take the Industrial Ring Road Bridge and enter Rama III Road, the building will be on the right-hand side.
ภาพพื้นหลัง ติดต่อเรา
Supalai Public Company Limited

1011 Supalai Grand Tower, Rama III, Chong Nonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120