Leader in sustainable real estate development with contribution to social and environmental improvement


To continuously create and develop innovative products and services to bring the most value in the interests of our stakeholders social environment and governance

Core Values

  • Growth Mindset : Self-development, idea development for mutual benefits
  • Dynamic : Agile, adaptable to all situations
  • Win Win : Win together
  • Innovation : Innovate, share, listen, try new things
  • Customer Centric : Respect and create customer satisfaction and responsibility for stakeholders, society, and environment
  • Legal and Corporate Governance : Emphasizing on legality, ethics and code of conduct

Management Philosophy

For quality society of “Supalai Residents”, the Company is committed to developing quality residences, and continuing to innovate its products and services, while improving resident safety and comfortability, and striving to deliver professional and premium service in order to maximize customer satisfaction by adhering to the principles of management philosophy as follows:



Excellence in terms of products, services, and good management



Consider the benefits for all parties involved such as customers, shareholders, employees, contractors, partners and society



Operation of sustainable and stable business

Organizational Culture


SUPPORT / SPONSOR Cooperate and assist one another in a way that the senior employees teach younger ones


PLANNINGEstablish a plan and a clear target


ATTITUDEHave a positive attitude and sacrifice personal interests for the common good or benefit of others, and not being selfish


LEGAL AND REGULATIONComply with applicable laws, rules and regulations as well as requirements for each operational stage of the Company’s ISO systems


INTEGRITYBe honest and adhere to moral standards. Never take advantage of customers and colleagues

Good Corporate Governance Motto

G (Good)

  • To think good, speak good and do good is the foundation of positive thinking, which can be applied to work and to solve problems. This also helps reduce conflicts while enhancing smooth and successful interpersonal communication

R (Responsibility)

  • Act consciously
  • Operate business with determination and dedication with all our ability
  • Always learn to enhance capabilities

E (Equitable Treatment & Ethics)

  • Treat all relevant parties equally
  • Adhere to moral standards and conduct business with fairness
  • Taking into account all stakeholders, including community, society and environment
  • Treat stakeholders equally and respecting human rights

A (Accountability)

  • Fulfill duties with utmost attention
  • Be consciously aware of and carry out our tasks cautiously
  • Bravely accept the consequences of our actions
  • Adhere to and abide by applicable laws, rules and regulations

T (Transparency)

  • Operate business with transparency, disclosure of information and accountability
  • Being committed to conducting business and driving sustainable operations
  • All pieces of evidence and references can be traceable and accountable