Supalai Public Company Limited places emphasis on continual development of “Quality” in the systems of planning, designing, construction, sales and community management according to the laws, professional standards and written agreements made with the customers.

Quality Objectives

Supalai has received the ISO 9001 certification since 2002 up to the present. Throughout the period of 9 years, the Company has constantly developed its working system in order to satisfy the demand and bring to the customers maximum satisfaction. Such ISO 9001 certification covers the plan layout, designing, construction, sales as well as after-sale services for both the housing and condominium projects. Results of the Company’s application for certification are as follows:
1 May 2002, the Company received ISO 9001 : 1994 certification from the Engineering Institute of Thailand, the Certification Body Office (EIT-CBO) under the Royal Patronage and the Energy & Environmental Accredited Quality Assessment (EAQA) for its housing development projects, whereby the Company has established the quality policies, quality objectives, quality manual, procedures and work instruction in accordance with the ISO 9001:1994 requirements.
1 March 2003, the Company received ISO 9001 : 2000 certification from the Engineering Institute of Thailand, the Certification Body Office (EIT-CBO) under the Royal Patronage and the Energy & Environmental Accredited Quality Assessment (EAQA).
15 August 2007, the Company had extended the certification of ISO 9001 : 2000 to cover “Condominium Projects”, resulting in the Company being the first and only company in Thailand which has received ISO 9001 : 2000 certification for both the housing and condominium projects covering the plan layout, designing, construction, sales and after-sale services.

26 March 2010, the Company received ISO 9001:2008 certification from Bureau Veritus Certification (Thailand) Ltd. (BVC).
The ISO 9001: 2008 version is an important management tool that enables the Company to enter into more universal standards and processes for continual development. The employees’ participation in working as a team has also contributed to the creation of operation standards in order to work in a more systematic ways with analytical process of problems to find proper solutions and prevention. The management has also closely monitored the operation in various forms, such as

  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be applied by every unit for measurement and operations to achieve the set goals beginning from the process of plan layout, designing, construction, sales and after-sale services.
  • Every unit is required to improve on a continual basis as a result of the following operations:
  • Analyzing information and monitoring the operation;
  • Measuring operational results by using KPIs;
  • Reviewing of information and measuring customers’ satisfaction;
  • The improvement and development of working system according to recommendations from the monitoring of ISO 9001 : 2008 system by both the system certifying body and the Company’s internal quality auditors; etc.
  • The application of competency in the organization to establish the relationship among the levels of skill, knowledge, ability, expertise and suitability of each working position as well as emphasizing the promotion and incentives for working, specifically the emphasis on employee development plan.
  • The establishment of selection criteria for employment, operation control and evaluation of the outside contractors covering all processes of employment of the Company. To ensure that the external contractors employed by the Company are qualified according to the Company’s requirements.
  • Control and monitor the operation closely by high ranking executives in various forms such as
  • Monitoring according to ISO 9001 : 2008 by the certifying body;
  • Monitoring by internal quality auditors appointed by the Company;
  • Reporting on the operational results and KPIs, etc.
  • The Company has appointed employees from various departments to be internal quality auditors of ISO 9001.

The employees therefore have participated in the monitoring of operations of other departments on a continual basis to ensure confidence of the executives and customers that each step of operation is in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008 standards and the operational procedures established by the Company. Furthermore, from monitoring, the internal quality auditors of the Company would provide recommendations and guidelines for continual improvement and development of various departments’ working systems. Accordingly, the auditors and the persons being monitored can learn about each other and understand better the working process of each department, which are considered internal customers and thereby enhancing the internal coordination to be more efficient.
Furthermore, the provision of channels for customers to communicate with the Company regarding opinions, suggestions or complaints. Also, top executives of the Company pay close attention to every process and have visited various projects on a regular basis in order to collect and solve problems or look for preventive measures on an expedite basis. Such practices of the Company are aimed at developing the products and services constantly in order to satisfy the demand and maximum satisfaction of the customers.