The Company is aware of the tax responsibilities that are important for the sustainable development of society and the Company. Therefore, the Company focuses on taxes by systematically and properly preparing the plan and management in accordance with the relevant laws. The important implementation is as follows:

  1. Identifying indicators to employees who are responsible for the Company's taxes.

  2. Promoting knowledge and understanding on taxation to employees.

  3. Analyzing and assessing risks on taxes through the following means:


    Monitoring laws and rules relating to taxation so that the Company can comply with such laws and rules properly and completely.


    Analyzing tax impacts caused by changes in laws or rules so that the Company can plan and prepare for any possible impacts in a timely manner.


    If there are any inquiries, please contact officers of the Revenue Department for advices.

  4. Adhering to and complying with all applicable tax laws, avoiding the use of wrong or complicated tax structures for initial tax benefits and tax avoidance, and aiming to use tax benefits lawfully and efficiently.

  5. Disclosing tax information to the public sector and the public transparently in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, requirements, and reporting standards, such as tax information disclosure in financial statements, Annual Registration Statement / Annual Report (From 56-1 One Report) of the Company.