Supalai Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries are committed to treating their business partners equitably, fairly and transparently, taking into account the best interests of the Company. It is based on receiving fair returns to both parties, avoiding situations causing conflicts of interest, complying with commitments, and providing true information and accurate reports. Negotiations to solve problems and find solutions are based on business relationships. The details are as follows:

  1. The Company treats its trading partners equally and fairly on the basis of fair returns to both parties.

  2. The Company shall not demand, receive, and pay any benefits that are dishonest in trading with business partners. If any dishonest demand, receipt, or payment of benefits is found, the details must be disclosed to business partners and the problems must be jointly resolved fairly and quickly.

  3. The Company establishes the transparent, fair and non-discriminatory criteria for selection if business partners. Such criteria are periodically reviewed. There is the evaluation for business partners and the preparation of contracts in accordance with agreements.

  4. The Company establishes the management and monitoring system to ensure the strict compliance with the terms of the contract and the prevention of corruption at all stages. If the Company fails to comply with any terms, business partners must be informed promptly in advance in order to jointly consider and find solutions based on the principle of reasonableness.

  5. The Company has measures for examination and screening of trading partners, such as contractors and subcontractors while providing supports to trading partners who conduct fair business with no violations of human rights and recognize social responsibility.

  6. The Company does not cooperate with or support any person or business partner who operates illegal business or poses a threat to society and national security.

  7. The Company is committed to maintaining sustainable relationships with business partners and trusting each other.

  8. The Company promotes the competency and capability of business partners by providing cooperation in the development of products, services or innovations which are beneficial to business operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable development with social and environmental responsibility.