Supalai Public Company Limited places emphasis on a sustainable quality growth of the business, and therefore carries out its operations with honesty, transparency by aiming at providing a better service for customers’ satisfaction, which will add value and maximum returns to shareholders over the long term. It also emphasizes equality of both major and small shareholders, that is, the rights and benefits as well as profits shall be divided on an equal basis. Such policy also covers the operations of the subsidiaries and associated companies as approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 10/2013 held on 8 October 2013, as detailed below.

  1. The Board of Directors shall respect the rights of every shareholder and treat them all at an equal basis.

  2. The Board of Directors shall perform duties and conduct business with integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability toward shareholders on a regular basis by consistently disclosing information to shareholders correctly and completely up to the standards and in line with legal framework, ethical principles and good corporate governance.

  3. The Board of Directors shall manage the business of the Company to be steadily prosperous and secure by applying full knowledge and experiences, while making decisions with integrity, honesty, care and fairness for maximum interests of all shareholders.

  4. The Board of Directors shall oversee the business operations to ensure that the Company has correct and proper financial position and management in order to protect and enhance the interests of shareholders.

  5. The Board of Directors shall take due care and manage the Company's assets to prevent impairment, loss or damage without reasonable cause.

  6. The Board of Directors shall not seek personal gains or related persons’ gains by disclosing inside information of the Company, which is confidential and / or has not been made public or disclose to the third party because it would cause damage to the Company.

  7. The Company shall report the status and results of operations of the Company as well as the complete and accurate information to all shareholders on an equal and regular basis and in a timely manner with reasonable support and sufficient data in accordance with the requirement of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  8. The Board of Directors shall not do any act in such a manner that might cause a conflict of interest with the Company without notifying the Company.

  9. The Company is committed to creating a quality and stable growth in order to provide shareholders with sustainable returns from the Company’s efficient performance and good operational results.

  10. The Company shall facilitate and encourage every shareholder including institution investors to attend the shareholders’ meeting of the Company, whereby there shall be compliance with the policies in order for the shareholders 'meeting to be conducted in accordance with the laws and guidelines for the shareholders' meeting.