Supalai Public Company Limited focuses on customers’ satisfaction and confidence by adhering to the treatment of clients with fair, honest and ethical guidelines, whereby such policy also covers the operations of the subsidiaries and associated companies as approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 12/2555 held on 18 December 2012, as detailed below.

  1. The Company shall treat all customers equally and fairly on the basis of obtaining a fair return for both sides and deliver quality goods at a fair price.

  2. The Company is committed to developing and providing quality products to meet the needs of customers.

  3. The Company has conducted studies, evaluation and improvement of the Company's products on a regular basis in order to prevent potential impact on customers, and control the product quality to be up to the standards, requirements, the Consumer Protection Act or other related laws.

  4. The Company provides accurate, sufficient and useful information for customers to make decision without exaggeration, or purposely conceals the contents or provides false information or deliberately misleads customers, which results in customers’ misunderstanding about the quality or conditions of the products.

  5. The Company respects personal rights of the customers and protects personal information of them by not disclosing customer's personal information to the third parties in accordance with related laws.

  6. The Agreements between the Company and the customers shall be in accordance with the requirements prescribed by law by providing correct and sufficient information and agreements without unfair conditions or the conditions which violate the rights of the customers. There shall also be compliance with the Agreements or the agreed conditions strictly. In case where any conditions cannot be abided by, the Company shall notify the customer as soon as possible in order to jointly find solutions by applying reasonable principles.

  7. The Company shall provide after sales service in order to efficiently facilitate the customers.

  8. The Company provides systems and channels for customers to effectively file complaints relating to the quality of the products and services in order for the Company to prevent or solve the problems for customers promptly and appropriately, and further apply such information to improve or develop such products and services.

  9. The Company provides support for various activities in order to strengthen and maintain a good relationship between the customers and the Company.