Supalai Public Company Limited is committed to conducting business in a fair manner in order to create trust among creditors. Such policy also covers the operations of the subsidiaries and associated companies as approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 12/2555 held on 18 December 2012, of which practical guidelines are as follows:

  1. The Company shall strictly comply with the Agreements and agreed conditions. In the case of non-compliance with any of the conditions, it shall inform the creditors promptly in order to jointly solve the problems by applying reasonable principles.

  2. The Company shall not do any dishonest act against the creditors.

  3. The Company is committed to strict compliance with the conditions of the creditors regardless of whether it is the objective in spending the money, repayment, maintaining of quality of collaterals and any other agreed matters made with the creditors in order to achieve mutual benefits.

  4. The Company shall not provide cooperation or support to persons or organizations which conduct illegal business or business that poses a threat to the society and national security.

  5. The Company is committed to maintaining a sustainable relationship and mutual trust with the creditors.