Supalai Public Company Limited has a policy to treat all trading partners equally and fairly by taking into account the best interests of the Company, while focusing on fair returns to both parties by avoiding situations that cause a conflict of interest. It shall also comply with contractual obligations by providing accurate information and correct reports. Any negotiation to solve problems and find solutions shall be based on the business relationship. Such policy also covers the operations of the subsidiaries and associated companies as approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 12/2555 held on 18 December 2012, as detailed below.

  1. The Company treats its trading partners equally and fairly on the basis of fair returns to both parties.

  2. The Company shall not demand or receive any dishonest benefits from the trading partners. In case there is information that there is a demand or receipt or payment of any benefits in bad faith, the Company shall be disclose details to the trading partners and jointly find solutions to the problems on a fair and speedy basis.

  3. The Company has criteria for selecting and evaluating trading partners and entering into the contracts according to the agreements.

  4. The Company provides management and monitoring system to ensure strict compliance with the terms of the contracts and prevent dishonest act at all stages. In the case where any conditions cannot be complied with, an advance notice must be made immediately in order to jointly solve the problems by applying reasonable principles.

  5. The Company has measures for examination and screening of trading partners, such as contractors and subcontractors while providing supports to trading partners who conduct fair business with no violations of human rights and recognize social responsibility.

  6. The Company shall not provide cooperation or support to persons or organizations which conduct illegal business or business that poses a threat to the society and national security.

  7. The Company is committed to maintaining sustainable relationships and mutual trust with trading partners.