Supalai Public Company Limited adheres to and respects the intellectual property right and has defined a code of ethics for directors, executives and employees as well as employees of the subsidiaries and associated companies to comply with as approved in the resolution of the Company's Board of Directors' meeting No. 12/2555 held on 18 December 2012, of which the guidelines are as follows:

  1. The employees who are employed by the Company, products or production procedures, findings and development, improvement or invention of products, process, procedures; or objects made, used, sold or developed by the employees relating to the work of the Company or expanded from the work of the Company shall be considered as the products or procedures of the Company, whereby the employees shall

    -   disclosure about such products and / or development or improvement to their supervisor or the management of the Company completely and promptly.
    -   acknowledge in writing that the ownership of such development, improvement, findings or invention shall solely belong to the Company.
    -   assign the rights, ownership and benefits from the invention, findings or trade secret to the Company.
    -   agree to deliver all documents and follow legal procedures deemed necessary by the Company, such as preparing and applying for a patent, trademark or copyrights of the invention, findings, trade secret mentioned above.
  2. All employees have the duty to maintain the confidentiality of trade secret, namely, business information and all technical information of the Company by protecting confidential information or business partners of the Company. The obligation to protect such information shall continue until after the employees have resigned from the Company. The disclosure of any information without permission and causing damage shall be subject to penalty according to the law.

  3. The employees shall not demand, accept or use business information acquired illegally or immorally.

  4. บThe Company shall not infringe the copyrights, patents and trademarks of others.

  5. All the employees shall use computer programs with the copyrights provided by the Company, and shall not install and use unlicensed computer software in the Company.