Supalai Public Company Limited considers inside information and all business information essential information for operation and management of the Company. Such information is confidential and shall not be disclosed to the public. If such information is exposed, the Company and its employees, including its subsidiaries, associated companies and particularly change to stock price or market capitalization of the stocks traded on the Stock Exchange will be affected. Therefore, unless authorized to disclose, or legally obligated to disclose, the Company's personnel are required to maintain the confidentiality of inside information. All the Company’s employees including employees of the Company’s subsidiaries and associated companies shall abide by such practice, according to the resolution of the Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 10/2017 held on 10 October 2017 with the following guidelines.

  1. The directors, executive and employees shall not use inside information of the Company or business trading partners of the Company, that they know from performing duties, to purchase or sell or offer to purchase or sell, or persuade others to purchase or sell or offer to purchase or sell securities of the Company or those of the Company’s trading partners for personal gains or for the gains of others. They shall also strictly comply with related laws.

  2. Directors, executives and employees of the Company shall keep confidentiality of inside information under one’s responsibility and shall not disclose such information to the public or other personnel of the Company who has no involvement.

  3. The Company protects inside information that is not yet disclosed to the public by giving limited access to related and necessary parties only. The security system is also provided for such information. Personnel in charge shall insist that all parties involved must strictly comply with the rules.

  4. A disclosure of information shall be made by authorized persons only. General personnel are not obliged to disclose the information. When asked to reveal information that they do not have authority to disclose, refer a question to the person in charge in order to provide accurate information and in the same direction.

  5. The employees should control outside parties involved with internal information, such as financial advisors, legal consultants and auditors including colleagues involved in working with the information that has not yet been disclosed publicly and in the process of negotiation. This can be regarded as maintaining internal information, which may affect the price or value of the securities, or which may cause the Company’s loss of business benefits. Such people shall have to enter into Confidentiality Agreement until there is a disclosure of the information to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  6. Other than publicly available information, the Company considers all other information as inside information for directors, executives and employees to use under the duties and accountabilities as assigned.

  7. Directors, executives and employees are due to take accountabilities on data protection and shall not exploit the inside information for personal gains even after resigning from the Company by arranging for an interview before resigning in order to return confidential information to the Company, and to remind resigning employee to continue to be responsible for the Company’s confidential information after resigning. This shall be done by signing in a written acknowledgment.

  8. he Company's directors and executives are required to submit the list of their securities holding and report on changes of the list to the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand within 3 working days from the date of purchase, selling, transferring or receiving the transfer of the securities. This is to comply with Section 59 of the Securities and Exchange Act. The directors and executives are also prohibited from buying and selling of the Company’s securities during the period of one month prior to disclosure of financial statements to the public.

  9. The Company requires that the directors and executives report on the change of securities holdings to the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand and submit the copy of the report to the Company on the same day they submit the report to the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand.

  10. The Company requires that the directors and executives who know essential inside information that has the influence on stock price and market capitalization must not buy or sell the Company’s securities for one month prior to the disclosure of financial statement to the public and they shall not disclose such essential information to other people. During 30 days before the disclosure of the financial statements, the Company Secretary shall notify in writing to the directors, executives and related departments who know about inside information not to disclose inside information to outsiders or unrelated persons.

  11. The Company supports a campaign to use inside information via the Company’s communication channel, especially during major events such as an issuance of shares for the capital increase or debentures etc.

  12. The Company shall regard the acts in violation of the policy on using internal information, unauthorized disclosure of the information to the extent of causing damage to the Company and related persons as a malfeasance subject to disciplinary action and / or legal liability.