With a commitment to be business leader through innovation and sustainable development, the company realizes that a key factor that drives business for sustainable growth is environmental management. Accordingly, policies have been adopted in order to achieve efficient and effective environmental management.

Such policies, which also covered the operations of subsidiaries and associated companies, consist of the following guidelines:

The Company has adopted environmental policies as part of its business operations from procurement, production, delivery of products and services as well as waste disposal.
The Company has established an environmental management system as part of its business operations with continuous development and assessment of the management system in order to enhance environmental performance.
The Company assesses the issues of sustainable development (Materiality), arranges for environmental and climate management while establishing key indicators and strategies to achieve operational goals as well

In order to incorporate environmental policies into the corporate values and put into practice in a concrete manner, all employees are required to act in accordance with business operation principles so as to be consistent with the vision of the company.