Supalai Public Company Limited adheres and attaches importance to sustainable development as the guideline for its business practices, which covers economic, social, environmental and good governance aspects by taking into consideration the stakeholders involved both in the project area and the society in general. The purpose is to return benefits to the community, society and environment on a sustainable basis. Such policy covers the operations of its subsidiaries and associated companies. The second amendment was done in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 11/2016 held on 14 November 2016, of which the guidelines are as follows:

The Company shall instill and raise awareness among all Board of Directors, executives and employees regarding sustainable development so as to achieve a balance in terms of economic, social, environmental and Good Governance aspects. These aspects would help create a sustainable culture of business practices.
The Company shall operate by focusing on the efficiency of resource utilization as well as the reduction of energy usage, and minimize environmental impact to the community, society, environment and quality of life of the people.
The Company shall operate in compliance with the laws, regulations, standards or agreements relating to the Company’s business in all aspects.
The Company shall arrange projects and activities to develop communities within the project area and the society in general. It also focuses on developing and improving the quality of life, the conservation of nature and environment, culture, and the development of community’s economy.
The Company shall communicate with the communities in the project area and enhance their understanding of the operation. It shall also open to receiving feedback in order to carry out operations while providing a contribution to the community.
The Company shall focus on creating understanding, communication and transparency of information disclosure to the society and stakeholders, namely, shareholders, customers, suppliers and business alliances regarding its status and facts on the Company’s operations, its responsibility toward the community, society. The Company shall also be cooperative in providing information for investors, shareholders and the general public in a timely manner.
The Company provides support to public activities, which are beneficial to the community, the development or improvement, throughout of the environment, charitable organizations as well as local events.
The Company shall support a culture of learning and innovation in all its systems in order to gain the body of knowledge and create a new process and new products that can meet the needs of all stakeholders in economic, social and environmental aspects.
The Company shall provide support and create social, environmental and natural resource awareness among all levels of employees through activities, training session seminars and continuous participation as members of other agencies or organizations.
The Company shall raise awareness and urge suppliers and business alliances to adopt sustainable practices in their businesses in order to create economic, social and environmental balance.