The Company has a proper and transparent plan to recruit personnel into important positions at all managerial levels to ensure that the Company has a professional management team. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee shall prepare position succession plan of the President of the Executive Committee, Managing Director and executives of Company in order to propose to the Board of Directors for consideration based on the resolution of the Board of Directors? Meeting No. 12/2555 held on 18 December 2012 regarding the recruitment and selection of persons to serve management positions of the Company. Therefore, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee has monitored the succession plan covering the following positions.


President of the Executive Committee / Managing Director

In the event that the positions of the President of the Executive Committee and the Managing Director are vacant or the individual in such positions cannot perform their duties, the Company has an arrangement whereby executives in a closely comparable level or their deputy shall act on their behalf until the selection process for the qualified replacements is completed. The criteria for such selection shall be based upon suitable qualifications as prescribed by the Company, as well as other qualities such as business vision, knowledge, proficiency, and experience, that well suit the Company?s corporate culture. The Company?s Nomination and Remuneration Committee shall be responsible for the selection process and submit their final choice to the Company?s Board of Directors for approval and further appointment.


Executive Level

In the event that the management positions at the level of department manager and above are vacant or the individual in such positions cannot perform their duties, the Company shalll have the selected successor of the position proposed to the Board of Directors of the Company. The succession planning of the executive position level is as follows.

Analyse business condition of the Company in term of its strateg, policy, investment and expansion plans.
Evaluate the readiness of manpower to be consistent with the Company?s strategy in both short term and long term.
Create plan making the availability of manpower by developping or recruiting employees to replace those resigning from the Company.
Create Recruitment Plan and arrange for Employee Training and Development in advance prior to retirement or early retirement of employees.
Define competencies, which refers to the knowledge, skills, personality and desirable attitude of the employees in certain positions and establish the Individual Development Plan.
Select, evaluate and assess the performance to determine the potential of employees? suitability.
Use tool to test and evaluate the employees to analyze their potential.
Select successors based on the assessment and analysis of the employees? potential and performance. The employees shall be notified in advance in order to prepare for the handover and learning of the new responsibilities, while a successor shall also be determined.
Develope and evaluate employees who are expected to be successors whether they can be developed and have performance as expected. If it is contrary to the expectation, the change of successors can be done.