Supalai Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries aim to create shared value in society, both in business areas and in the wider society in order to support and encourage people to be good, decent, smart and happy, whereby the executives and employees participate in contributing to the well-being of society and communities through the utilization of core competencies of its organization and personnel.

Business operations according to business ethics and good governance principles
The Company is committed to conducting business with integrity, fairness, ethics and commitment to conducting business in accordance with the law, business code of conduct and fair business competition principles and duly pay tax according to the schedule. Thus, the Company promotes and raises awareness of its personnel at all levels to recognize the importance of social responsibility.
The Company operates its business according to corporate governance with responsibility towards shareholders by respecting the rights of shareholders, treating them equally and providing adequate information for making investment decisions or the information related to significant changes of the Company. In addition, the Company shall not disclose internal information to any person that will cause damage or disadvantage to shareholders. Besides, it also ensures that there is a transparent and accountable payment of remuneration to directors and executives, while there is a proper preparation and disclosure of financial reports and non-financial information in a complete and timely manner according to generally accepted standards.

The Company operates on a transparent and ethical basis, while complying with policies and laws related to anti-corruption such as giving or accepting bribes or undue benefits to public or private officials. In doing so, the Company has established the organizational structure to ensure that each department has a clear division of responsibilities, working process and chain of command in order to balance the power and have a proper check and balance between each other. For such purposes, the Company has prepared a handbook on anti-corruption measures that has compiled policies, code of conduct, regulations and procedures to be observed by its directors. executives and employees. The Company has expressed its commitment to fight corruption by announcing its intention with the Thai Private Sector Coalition against Corruption (CAC) in 2014 and has been certified as a member of the CAC on 31 March 2021.

Respect for Human Rights

The Company adheres to human rights principles and has a policy of supporting and respecting the protection of human rights by treating those involved such as its employees and surrounding communities with respect to human values. It also takes into account equality and freedom and shall not violate the basic rights and shall not discriminate in regards to race, nationality, religion, language, skin color, gender, age, education, physical conditions or social status. The Company also ensures that it shall not involve in human rights violations such as the use of child labor, forced labor and sexual harassment, etc.

Fair Treatment of Labor

The Company recognizes the importance of human resource development and treats labor fairly, which is a factor that will increase the value of business and strengthen the Company's competitiveness and sustainable growth in the future. The Company has, therefore, established policies and guidelines for practices as follows:

Respect the rights of employees in accordance with labor law, human rights principles and accept diversity with no discrimination.
Provide fair employment and employment conditions; provide compensation and consider performance under the fair evaluation process.
Promote development of personnel by providing trainings, seminars, as well as sending personnel to seminars and trainings on related academics to develop knowledge and competencies, also cultivate positive attitude, good morality, ethics and teamwork spirit.
Provide various benefits for employees as required by law and other than that by the law with various types of grants, etc.
Provide annual health check-up services to personnel at all levels of the Company based on risk factors based on the level, age, gender and work environment of the individual.
Ensure that employees operate safely with good workplace hygiene by providing measures to prevent accidents and strengthen employees' safety awareness, provide trainings and encourage employees to maintain good hygiene and maintain a hygienic workplace so as to always stay safe.
Allow employees to comment or complain about unfair conducts or wrongdoings in the Company, and provide protection for employees who report such matters
Responsibility Towards Customer

The Company is committed to developing its products for best satisfaction and benefit of customers and adhering to the treatment of customers with responsibility and integrity under the following policies:

The Company takes into account the quality and standards of its products by focusing on the use of quality materials, standardized construction and regular improvement of product quality to ensure that customers receive quality products with highest satisfaction.
The Company takes into consideration the safety of customers and is committed to providing customers with quality and safety products in accordance with international safety standards and regulations.
The Company provides customer relations system for effective communication with customers, including complaints about the quality of goods in order to be able to quickly meet the needs of customers.
Responsibility Towards Suppliers and Competitors

The Company adheres to fair contractual practices with its suppliers, follows the established anti-corruption measures, respects the rights to property or ownership of suppliers, does not exploit them and encourage them to join in social responsibility activities with the Company.

Also, the Company conducts fair business competitions, does not practise bullying, discouraging or taking any action that does not ensure fair competition which is prohibited by law and code of conduct,.

Environmental Protection

The Company attaches importance to social responsibility in maintaining the environment and avoiding environmental damage by operating and controlling the production of the Company's products to strictly comply with laws relating to environmental protection. It also creates precautionary measures for operations that may affect the environment, while also focuses on the efficient use of resources and energy by reducing the use only as needed and reuse and recycle. The Company reduces or eliminates or utilizes waste from the production process responsibly and efficiently.

Community or Social Development

The Company recognizes the responsibility to the community and society so as to strengthen the community and truly give back to the society. Therefore, it has a policy to assist and develop society by cooperating with surrounding communities in activities in areas where it operates as appropriate, and also encourages local workers to have opportunities to work with the Company, while rapidly and efficiently responding to events affecting the community, society and environment due to its operations.

In addition, the Company has raised awareness among its employees to be responsible for the environment and society, and it cooperates with other groups or networks to develop targeted communities or societies each year.

Promoting Innovations Responding to Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company encourages employees to create innovation that responses to the above social responsibility policies, such as saving natural resources and energy, waste management, waste discharge control, etc. Innovations created can be at various levels, such as novelty, improvement, adjustment/modification or alteration in order to achieve more effective or efficient results. The Company will reveal innovations that benefit the society and the environment as appropriate in order to encourage other entrepreneurs to consider continuing or developing further.

Monitoring and Review of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company recognizes the importance of operations by taking into account social responsibility. It, therefore, monitors, evaluates and reviews the projects it has currently supported, and will carefully consider future social responsibility projects cautiously and continuously and consistently through the review by the assigned sub-committees which will further report to the Board of Directors.

The Company has prepared a standard sustainability report in accordance with the Framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which discloses data at the core level in terms of economic, environmental and social dimensions as a part of the annual report since 2015. The report includes information based on various topics and measurement units according to GRI with the reports on social responsibility activities of the previous year.