The Board of Directors has the duty to annually review the suitability of the anti-corruption policies by taking into consideration the effectiveness of the policies, the implementation of the principles of good governance, and the recommendations of the Board of Directors on the development and improvement of policies in the past. Each year, the Internal Audit Unit shall report on compliance with anti-corruption measures to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee shall then further the report together with their opinions and recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration respectively.

The Company has monitored and assessed the implementation of the anti-corruption measures by establishing clear procedures, operation methods, process, roles, powers and duties of responsible persons, monitoring and assessing guidelines, methods for reporting of results and correction steps. The Board of Directors has assigned the Audit Committee to monitor and ensure that the Company’s operations are carried out according to the anti-corruption policy prescribed in the regulations of the Audit Committee. In addition, the Company has also compiled suggestions from the employees regarding dishonest acts via emails and suggestion box for further improvement of policies and guidelines to prevent risk from dishonest acts.