The Company realizes that "Corruption" is a kind of social harm that causes impacts in terms of the Company's sustainability as well as economy, society, politics and international confidence. As such, the Company has clearly established policies relating to anti-corruption, which emphasize on raising awareness of employees and executives at all levels to be aware of the dangers of corruption, including creating the right values to develop the transparent organization. It also creates confidence in business cooperation among organizations, investors, financial institutions, and business partners, which will increase the competitiveness of the organization in the short term and long term.

In this regard, the Board of Directors has assigned the Audit Committee to supervise the implementation of anti-corruption measures. The responsible person is assigned to prepare rules, procedures, monitoring, and reporting in writing. There is honest and transparent disclosure of information which is ready to be reviewed in every process. In addition, the disclosure of information is sufficient and effective in order to minimize risks possibly arising from corruption.

All directors, executives and employees of the Company, its subsidiaries or other companies controlled by the Company must strictly adhere to this anti-corruption policy which consists of the following policies:

  1. Policy on Anti-Corruption

  2. Policy on Gift and Hospitality

  3. Policy on Provision of Financial Support

  4. Policy on Charitable Donation

  5. Policy on Whistleblowing and Making Complaints

  6. Policy on Political Contribution

  7. Policy on Employment of Government Officers

  8. Policy on Conflict of Interest

However, the establishment of policies, practices and the formation of an internal control system to prevent corruption will result in transparency and good corporate governance in a concrete and verifiable manner. The company sincerely hopes that such approaches will benefit stakeholders in the long term as follows:

  1. Shareholders Being confident that all of their investments will obtain a worthwhile return

  2. Employees Having a good working environment, being able to grow sustainably together with the organization, and gaining fairness in performances; a channel of whistleblowing on corruption to the independent committee is provided

  3. Business Partners Being selected, abiding by contracts and agreements, and evaluating results fairly

  4. Customers Receiving quality products and good services

  5. Contractors Being facilitated in many areas without any compensation, such as providing assistance on credit, receiving wages through the transfer to the specified account, incoming inspection and routing of materials and equipment in and out of the construction area.

  6. Society and Nation The government receives the tax payment correctly and completely in order to use the income tax to rule the nation, while the society also receives indirect benefits through the creation of the culture of integrity to employees in the organization, which will spread to a wider society