Supalai Public Company Limited is law-abiding and has operated its business with integrity to maintain its reputation. Hence, the Company sets up the policy on the offer and acceptance of gifts, assets and any other benefits which can be carried out according to traditions and morality, for example, to express gratitude and maintain business relationships. Nevertheless, any inappropriate offer or acceptance of gifts, assets and other benefits may affect the employees’ decision making and consequently their performance which may cause the Company to lose benefits. Therefore, such offer and acceptance shall not be tolerated by the Company. Therefore, all directors, executives and employees of the company along with those of the subsidiaries and associated companies must adhere to the following practice as specified in the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 8/2013 on 13 August 2013 :

  1. Directors, executives and employees can offer or accept gifts, assets or any other benefits including hospitality on tradition or culture-related occasions or when such offering or accepting is regarded as a good social practice. However, the offer or acceptance must not affect one’s decision making related to business operation and must be conducted in an open and transparent manner.

  2. Gifts to be accepted should not be money or equivalent.

  3. The Company sets up the following criteria on accepting gifts, assets and other benefits.


The gifts, assets or other benefits given to the company in remembrance of any Company’s important event must be submitted for consideration by the supervisors.


The received gifts, property or any other benefits worth more than Baht 5,000 must be submitted to the central office.

  1. In case any director, executive or employee has been offered gifts, assets or other benefits by a third party where an approval is needed yet the acceptance is undeniable, the recipient may accept the offer and must report the acceptance along with appropriate reasons to the supervisor immediately. As for accepting other forms of benefits such as hospitality or reception, the recipient must be able to prove that such acceptance does not involve an overspending or occur so frequently that it causes a commitment to such person, either directly or indirectly.

  2. Directors, executives and employees shall not demand for or accept gifts, assets or any other benefits from customers, business partners, contractors, or other parties related to the Company’s business under any circumstances as this may affect the decision making of those who accept the gifts to be bias or discomfort or to have conflicts of interest.

  3. It is the duty of directors, executives and employees to report the acceptance of gifts, assets or any other benefits. To do this, the company will inform its customers, business partners, contractors and other parties involved in the business of its policy regarding such offering and acceptance of gifts, assets or any other benefits on a regular basis

  4. The accepted or offered gifts, assets or other benefits must not be illegal items.

  5. The Company does not prohibit the production of gifts with the Company logo as long as they are produced on reasonable cause in compliance with business operations.

  6. Offering gifts to a supervisor and accepting gifts from a subordinate should be avoided unless such giving and offering are conducted according to traditions and these gifts are not of high value.