Supalai Public Company Limited has operated the business by applying the strategy of fair and transparent business competition and focusing significantly on good quality products while strictly complying with applicable laws. The Company is, therefore, committed to fight against corruption and dishonest acts and will not be tolerant of any form of corruption. It has also required that all levels of employees, directors, executives, supervisors of the Company and its subsidiaries, associated company as well as those related business in all operation area to observe and comply with the anti-corruption policies.

The Company has a personnel management process, which includes the evaluation, remuneration and promotion for employees who support the anti-corruption policy. The Company has also communicated and carried out public relations to create better understanding among its relating persons in order for them not to accept or agree to accept any money, things or benefits of any kind from persons having business relation with the Company. Also, they shall not operate nor do any act qualified as such, and shall not demand, do any act or accept a bribe for the gains of the Company, personal gains or the gains of their family, friends and acquaintances. If the directors, executives, supervisors and employees do not comply with this policy, they shall be subject to disciplinary action. The punishment shall depend on the facts and circumstances. Meanwhile, the Company has no policy to neither degrade the employees’ position nor provide negative effects upon employees who refuse corruption although such action might cause a loss of business opportunities for the Company.

In addition, the Company has assessed the risk of corruption potential in each process regularly as well as trying to find appropriate solutions by establishing channels for reporting on clues or lodging complaints to the independent directors of the Company in case of finding circumstances or acts indicating dishonest acts or misconduct of individuals. The second update was done in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting No. 11/2016 held on 14 November 2016.