Qualifications of the Company Secretary
  1. Graduate with a degree in Law or Accounting and has completed relevant training courses in the Company’s secretarial functions and possess good knowledge experience and understanding of the business type of the Company and the Company secretary-related duties i.e. duties of directors, duties of the Company, and also possess knowledge on relevant laws and regulations, and always keeps abreast with news and information in order to improve the performance of duties.
  2. Comply with related laws, the Company’s objectives, Articles of Association as well as resolutions of the Company’s Board of Directors and the resolutions of the shareholders’ meetings with accountability, care, honesty and commitment to support the Company’s operations to achieve objectives under the principles of good corporate governance and business ethics.
  3. Adhere to ethics and morality and always consider the interest of the shareholders; shall not do anything that may affect reputation and image of the Company.
  4. Keep the Company’s information confidential and safe and not look out for personal gains from the Company’s business opportunity.
  5. Have good interpersonal skills and ability to liaise with various departments and agencies, both within and outside the Company.