Duties and responsibilities of the Company Secretary
  1. Give basic advice to Directors in respect of laws, orders and regulations of the Company of which the Board of Directors needs to know, as well as to ensure proper and consistent compliance. Report any significant change in matter of laws to Directors.
  2. Organize the shareholders’ meeting and Board meeting in accordance with the laws, articles of association and proper practice.
  3. Take the minutes of shareholders’ meeting and Board meeting and disclosed the resolutions of the meeting accurately and completely, as well as to ensure compliance with the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting and Board meeting.
  4. Prepare and keep the register of Directors, annual reports, letters of invitation for shareholders’ meeting, letters of invitation for Board meeting, minutes of the shareholders’ meeting and minutes of the Board meeting.
  5. Keep the reports of interests filed reported by directors or executives and make submission as required by laws.
  6. Ensure that there is the disclosure of information under responsibility to the regulatory agencies according to the regulations and requirements of government agencies.
  7. Take care of meetings, documents, and activities related to Board of Directors.
  8. Contact and communicate with general shareholders to keep them informed of various shareholders’ rights and Company’s news.
  9. Oversea other matters relating to the Board of Directors, the management and the shareholders.
  10. Carry out other duties as prescribed by the Capital Market Supervisory Board as well as complying with related laws and the Company’s objectives, Articles of Association, resolutions of the Board of Directors and the resolutions of the Shareholders’ meetings; coordinate to ensure implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors.