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About Us

Policy on the Board of Director's Diversity

The Company recognizes the importance of requirements regarding the composition of the Board of Directors (Board Diversity).  In determining the Board diversity, the Company is confident that the requirements on the Board Diversity are important factors that help create balance in terms of ideas, quality of work as well as the Board’s efficiency in making decision, which is beneficial to the Company's business.  This is for the following objectives,

     1. To encourage more discussions in the Board of Directors’ meetings.
     2. To encourage the Board of Directors’ creative thinking that is beneficial to the Company.
     3. To enhance the Board of Directors’ performance.
     4. To apply as criteria for the nomination of directors.

The Company, therefore, establishes the composition of the Board of Directors to consist of persons with knowledge, ability, experience and various types of expertise in accordance with the business strategy of the Company including the merit and ethical conduct with good attitude towards the organization, leadership, far-sighted vision and dedication of sufficient time to work regardless of gender, nationality, religion, professional skill and other specific expertise.

In addition, the Company has established requirements regarding skills necessary for the nomination of directors in the form of the Board Skill Matrix, which comprises 11 areas as follows: 1) knowledge on real estate business 2) engineering 3) design and architecture 4) marketing strategy and competitiveness 5) accounting, finance and banking, 6) economics 7) laws relating to business 8) risk management 9) international marketing  10) management in time of crisis 11) good corporate governance. 12) IT Governance. The purpose is to have the composition of the Board of Directors of which members are knowledgeable and capable with professional skills in a complete manner according to the required criteria, and also useful for defining strategy, policy and business operation direction of the Company.

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