About Us

About Us

Corporate Profile


 : Leader in Real Estate Innovations and Value Creation
Mission :
Create & Develop Innovations for Outstanding Performance and Sustainable Growth

Organization's values

  • Innovations
  • Win-Win
  • Factual Key Performance Index
  • Legal and Corporate Governance
  • Sufficiency Economy 
  • Responsibilities to Stakeholders, Society and Environment

Management Philosophy

quality society of "Supalai Residents" , the Company has been committed to create good quality residences and develop its products 
continually, while developing the society to be safe and comfortable as well as developing good services as a professional in order to create
maximum satisfaction to the customers by adhering to the principles of management philosophy as follows :

S Superiority
P Profitability
L Longevity

Overview of business operations of the Company and its subsidiaries 
          Supalai Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (
group of companies) operate real estate development projects for living and commercial purposes.  Our projects are conceptualized with the idea of a quality living place for quality community of “Supalai residents”.  We always develop our housing models with carefully selected materials that meet our ideal standards.  Our pre and after delivery services are diligently supervised to foster a safe and friendly community for our clients’ utmost satisfaction.  The Company and our subsidiaries operate and own the following housing projects: detached houses, duplex houses, townhouses and condominiums in a variety of areas throughout Bangkok and peripheries including other provinces.  This is to respond to the need of the market and our many clients who have different preferences and goals, and are primarily those who are middle to high income earners.  Our priority is to focus on the completion of our current housing projects and deliver them by deadlines to create the brand awareness of “Supalai.”  This name will be used as a leading name for every project, followed by specific name of each project to fit in with different project formats and the target market.  Moreover, the Company is also the developer of offices for rent in the commercial districts, while the subsidiaries operates real estate project management as well as the management of hotels and resorts.  Currently, the Company and its subsidiaries have grown to become one of the leading companies in real estate business.







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